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Garantie prolongée pour auto d'occasion

Get a price for your extended warranty for a used car

Everything you need to know about the extended warranty for used cars

An extended warranty for used cars is a warranty that comes into effect when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It can be taken out with the seller if they are a professional used car seller or with a company specializing in extended warranties for used cars.

It aims to cover repairs to certain vehicle components that could occur during the term of the warranty and the number of kilometers on the odometer. It is also sometimes transferable in the event of sale of the vehicle.

It may be a good idea to purchase an extended warranty if the vehicle you want to purchase has known recurring problems. It is also advisable to take out such a warranty for luxury vehicles, as parts and labor are generally more expensive than for other ranges of vehicles.

The different types of extended warranty

There are different types of extended warranty. The types of guarantees may vary depending on the company but there are generally three types of guarantees:

  • basic guarantees for the powertrain
  • warranties for the powertrain and certain mechanical elements
  • warranties for the powertrain, mechanical and electronic elements

What an extended warranty covers

Coverage will depend on the type of warranty you choose. Typically, the basic extended powertrain warranty will include the powertrain, power steering, air conditioning and electrical system.

A powertrain and mechanical components warranty will include the same elements as the basic warranty plus electronic ignition, fuel system, cooling system, suspensions and brakes.

A powertrain, mechanical and electronic warranty will cover the same items as the two plans below and the emissions system, electronic airbag system, navigation and entertainment system.

What an extended warranty does not cover

Generally, warranties only cover components like the front or rear windshield, tires and lighting systems.

The price of an extended warranty

The price of an extended warranty ranges from $1,200 to $3,800, depending on the duration, mileage and coverage chosen.

Used cars eligible for extended insurance coverage

Depending on the company offering the extended warranty, the car must be less than 10 years old (sometimes even less than 6 years old) and less than 200,000 km on the odometer.

Have your car inspected before subscribing to an extended warranty

You will need to have an inspection carried out on your used car before subscribing to an extended warranty. This will allow the company to know the condition of your car and offer you the most competitive premium.

Subscribe to an extended warranty

It is very simple to subscribe to an extended auto warranty for used cars. Contact us for more information.

Transfère d'argent sécuritaire

La garantie prolongée pour une auto d’occasion est un excellent moyen de vous assure la paix d’esprit.

Une garantie claire et détaillée qui explique ce qui est inclus.

Un paiement rapide en cas de réclamation.

Villes desservies

Questions les plus posées sur les garanties prolongées pour les autos d'occasion

Si vous achetez l’auto d’un vendeur professionnel, il a certaines garanties à honorer de par la loi. Si vous acheter une auto usagée d’un particulier, il peut être intéressant de prendre une garantie pour couvrir certaines réparations suite à un bris.

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